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Recommended learning resources about audio 2 months 3 days ago #18384

I'd like to learn more about audio engineering, mixing, audio terms, in a general, this-is-just-a-hobby sense. I've looked around and come across various sites, books, etc.

For example.
  • Understanding what it means to sit in the mix in a band situation. Which instruments sit at certain frequencies.
  • What are transients? Impedance?
  • Understand compression better.
  • How to really dial in a great sounding guitar tone in S-Gear.

  • I
love to learn and I just want to get better at not only playing guitar, but recording, mixing, and eventually possibly recording songs.

Here are a couple of sites that I recently came across to hopefully learn from:
What are YOUR favorite resources for such?
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Recommended learning resources about audio 2 months 3 days ago #18390

I like to watch Graham Cochrane's videos. Lot's of great tips there:

Also Music Tech Help Guy:

And Warren Huart's "Produce Like Pro":

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Recommended learning resources about audio 2 months 2 days ago #18391

B4 we all start listing resources, let's consider that there is a lot of personal bias and misinformation, particularity about how passive electronics component work with regards to electric guitars. I wouldn't want to confuse anyone, or set them off on the wrong foot. I'll always remember my grandfather telling me that he the old method of using two mics to record orchestral parts (he worked at CBS studios) worked just fine. I'd say we should keep things as simple as possible without leaving out essential basics, or adding unnecessary redundancies. Perhaps asking specific questions might be of more use?
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Recommended learning resources about audio 1 month 4 weeks ago #18411

Thanks for posting the topic, ryentzer. I hope it grows. While GCKelloch's point is valid to no end, online resources are always going to include a warning of "Caveat Emptor" - or "Buyer Beware!". That notwithstanding, here are some of the resources I turn to.

Groove 3 This is a pay site with some aging videos. Some of them are downright unwatchable. Some are pretty good. Anything in between. They do put the yearly subscription on sale a few times a year, which is when I get it. Some of the basic video series on the fundamentals like compression and reverb are very good.

Sound on Sound Paid site as well, albeit much cheaper. The search functionality here is a must as it's chocked full of new product review. Search for the mix repairs and you will be treated with audio samples and a write-up describing thought process, etc.

Your DAW's and Interface's user community forums.
Other product forums like this one.
Two that stand out to me as having some good content if you can get past the embedded marketing are the Waves blog in the learning section and the learning section on the Plug In Alliance site. Remember, though, you don't have to get the tool used in the examples. Just the concepts.

One that I enjoyed, but did not fully appreciate the value of was Pure Mix. A little steep. but there is a lot of good content. I think there are some sample Sessions to practice with from time to time. I enjoyed working on a Ziggy Marley session made up of very polished stems as a mixing exercise. Pure Mix

Lastly, there are tons of good and bad tidbits of information in the form of user tips embedded within product user reviews. eg - look at any plugin company's version of their 1176 compressor and you'll likely see some interesting tips and usage scenarios. Sometimes even bug workarounds.

Again, use with caution. LOL
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