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Hey guys,

how do you record bass guitar? using normal guitar vst amps like s-gear2? or are there special bass vst amps? i google a lot but hardly find any. I used guitar rig 5 some time ago, there are bass amps + cabinets but dont use guitar rig anymore now....

found these 2 free bass vst amps:

do i have to use IRs / cabinet sims or are the amps enough?

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Amplitude makes a nice Ampeg vst , and Overloud has a good Markbass suite.

I, and many producers, record direct either straight into a board or audio interface, or with a preamp of some sort like a good tube DI or Sansamp type set up.

I have found plugging directly into my audio interface will be sufficient and then adding eq and compression (and whatever other audio flavors you like) to the recorded track will suffice. It gives you control of tone and how the bass sits in the mix, as well as the ability to re-amp into a vst if you like.

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I use a Tech21 VT Bass pedal, and in the past had used other Tech21 Sansamp pedals... They just work great!
But you could use S-Gear and achieve a decent tone... I would pick either a Wayfarer or Jackal (maybe the Duke), and look for a good IR to help, maybe try the 4x10" IR included in S-Gear coupled with one of the ported cabs.
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I have had exceptionally good luck with Cerberus Bass Amp from Kuassa: . Its the S-Gear of bass amps. Kuassa also makes a number of very good distortion pedals that work well in front of S-Gear
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