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Preamp trick for virtual amps 2 months 2 weeks ago #21574

Here's my trick:
A huge difference comes from your interface preamp.
Honest entry-level interface preamps (Presonus, Focusrite) are ok...
But the magic comes playing my instrument into a "hot" preamp first, such as a Golden Age Pre 73.
Now, the theory says you want to connect the Pre output to an expensive A/D converter and not an interface to avoid double preamp stages... right.
But honestly, connecting the preamp to a basic interface will do the job if you're working at home.
You suddenly have a bigger, warmer, and more compressed guitar sound.
To me, it just drives the virtual amp in a smooth and more realistic way.
Obviously, you could need it, or not. But I like to have this choice.

Someone else?

Preamp trick for virtual amps 2 months 1 week ago #21587

That's my method, though I believe there's full merit to many different signal paths and no single version could be considered universally "best." In my case (and after no less than a decade of experimenting), I go into the DI of an API preamp, then into the convertor. I'm completely happy with this simple method, but not entirely because it includes a preamp -- because it's that preamp. I've nearly always gone into a quality pre, but some of them have colored the tone in ways that were not flattering to S-Gear. I've said quite a lot about the Chandler Germanium on this and other forums, and although it is VERY good for capturing real amp via microphones or load boxes, it quickly murdered the signal when acting as a way into a virtual amp. I've tried Neves, and had mixed results (usually good, but sometimes lacking clarity). Avalons. Demeters. Avedis. And a slew of others that help spell the names Dan or Van. The API, directly into the convertor, at least to this point, has been the clear winner.

Kudos for pointing out the importance of the signal going in. It's been discussed a lot here, and has made progress, but it's still largely ignored in the guitar world in general. Once you've compared a mediocre DI signal chain to a "better" one, there's really no going back.
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Preamp trick for virtual amps 2 months 1 week ago #21588

Would the Lehle Sunday Driver accomplish this?

Preamp trick for virtual amps 2 months 1 week ago #21595

rep_techy wrote:

Would the Lehle Sunday Driver accomplish this?

It's tough to answer without knowing more about the rest of the path.It can certainly help. I liked how it sounded with the Germanium, but, ultimately, it wasn't enough to fix what the Germ was laying down (or at least what I, personally, didn't like about it).

These days, I only use the Sunday Driver when playing through a lot of pedals, or with long cable runs.
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