TOPIC: What is your signal flow?

What is your signal flow? 2 months 1 week ago #21598

I would like to hear from each forum member (especially you Mike!) on their signal chain from guitar to S-Gear to your ears. Hopefully, we can draw inspiration or solve issues we may be having by seeing what others are doing.

Please include any plugins, daw, or accessories you consider must-have for your setup.

For example, mine chain is:

Yamaha Revstar -> PreSonus AudioBox iOne -> 13" Macbook Pro -> S-Gear standalone.

Occasionally, I will use my pedalboard between guitar and interface
Occasionally, I will run S-Gear as a plugin in Studio One.

Cables are whatever I have lying around. :)

Monitors: JBL LSR308's
Headphones: AKG K240 Studio's
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What is your signal flow? 2 months 1 week ago #21599

Guitar to
Mini pedalboard to
Sunday Driver
Apogee Element 46
ILOUD MTM Monitors
AKG K712 headphones

Mini pedalboard has:

Keeley Compressor
Neunaber Neuron pedal with 6 different presets and controlled from my Keyboard.
Silvertek Drive N5
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What is your signal flow? 2 months 1 week ago #21600

For standalone:
Epiphone Nighthawk
Komplete Audio 6 into PC
- hosts an instance of Amplitube for stompbox effects
- hosts an instance of S-Gear or other amp sim for amp sounds
- hosts instances of other post-amp effects as necessary (ie Replika or Choral)
Yamaha Amplifier/Tuner
Speakers or AKG Headphones.

I prefer not to use anything but a cable between my guitar and interface. I don't like to "print" effects because I want the option to change things if I need to later on.
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