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I was thinking adding a looper might be a good idea. At first I wasn’t in favor of this, but now that I think about it more I’ve changed my mind. Of course it could be used for practice, but also doing things like ambient performances and soundscapes. More and more players are using loopers for live performances and of course its easy to see how they could be used by bedroom players.

On top of that there are practical ways a looper could be used. One might be auditioning IRs. Personally I don’t like having to play a phrase, listen and then click then next IR. If we could just loop a phrase and then quickly click through IRs IMO it would save a lot of time. The same thing could be used when trying to copy the tone of a record, etc. For live players it could even be used to check the sound from the audience point of view and adjust settings accordingly.

Hopefully this wouldn’t be too hard to make. The only things it would need are a the ability to move it anywhere in the chain, overdub ability, wet/dry. Of course other features would be helpful such as a metronome with count in, the ability to set the number of recorded messures, reverse, etc.

Even though it isn’t what I’d think of as an essential effect, I think this is something everyone could potentially use.
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Yes, TH3 has a very intuitive looper that I like a lot. It would be great to see it in sgear
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Please, Please, Please, add a looper!
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