This superb cover version of Eric Johnson's 'Zenland' was produced by S-GEAR user David Hardy. All guitars were recorded with S-GEAR.

Find out more about the production and download the S-GEAR presets...


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S-GEAR is now available for iLok. Existing S-GEAR customers have to opportunity to cross-grade to iLok free of charge.


S-GEAR v2.52 is released on 3rd April and is a FREE upgrade for existing customers. This release introduces an updated Graphic EQ for the Wayfarer, adding two new sliders, a low 80Hz and a high 6600Hz.


S-GEAR v2.5 is released on 27th January and is a free upgrade for existing S-GEAR customers!  Scuffham has teamed up with Sonuus UK to develop a tuner for inclusion in S-GEAR v2.5.  This release also adds two great new Scuffham measured cabinet options based on a Dumble style 2x12" cabinet along with other improvements and fixes.

Download the new release now and while you are waiting, enjoy this new S-GEAR song by Zabukowski.



S-GEAR v2.4 is released on 15th July 2014 and is a free upgrade for existing S-GEAR customers!

The release offers a brand new amplifier, the Custom '57, along with an updated ProConvolver offering new cabinet models, updated impulse loader and several other improvements.


S-Gear now includes both 32bit and 64bit AAX format plug-ins for ProTools 10 and ProTools 11.

S-Gear AAX plug-in v2.25 and above include the latest ProTools AAX framework providing 32bit capability with ProTools10, and 64bit capability with ProTools 11. Please note, ProTools 10 users will need to upgrade to ProTools 10.3.6 or later in order to load S-Gear.  Please check the the AVID website for the latest ProTools news and updates.

Get the latest released versions of S-Gear from the Scuffham Download page.

S-Gear v2.2 is now supported on Apple's new OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

NOTE: Garage Band on Mavericks will not load the S-Gear AudioUnit plug-in.
Unfortunately, the new version of Garage Band distributed with Mavericks applies new Apple 'Sandbox' restrictions to any AudioUnit plug-in. The concept of Sandboxing an AudioUnit plug-in is new, and Apple only notified developers (under NDA) last month of their intention to apply these restrictions to Logic Pro and Garage Band at 'some point in the future'. This move potentially breaks compatibility with many AudioUnit plug-ins.

In order to use S-Gear with Garage Band on Mavericks OS X 10.9, you will need apply the following workaround.

S-Gear currently works with Logic Pro X 10.0.4 (Mountain Lion and Mavericks).