S-Gear v2.2 is released for Standalone, AudioUnit and VST3 on the MAC, and Standalone and VST2.4 for Windows. This is a free update for existing S-Gear customers.

As well as the new Wayfarer amp, this release also brings loads of other improvements and several bug fixes. For a full list of features and fixes, see this forum post.


The AAX 32bit plug-in for Pro Tools 10 is now available. Please access the release version from the Download page and find more information.

Version 2.1 has released today with the versatile algorithmic reverb unit, RoomThing. To get a preview of the RoomThing sounds take a look at the YouTube video! This release also includes great new functionality such as saving and recalling presets for each individual device, 'drag & drop' for importing presets and much more...for full details of all the new features please download the updated manual.

Other Product news:

- For studios we are now offering a special S-Gear Studio Pack. This Pack offers 5 simultaneous license activations at a favourable price. Please contact us for more details.

- From January 1st 2013, the price of S-Gear will increase to $99 (excluding VAT/Sales tax). S-Gear still represents tremendous value for money, and as per our previous commitment, all S-Gear license holders will enjoy free updates until May 2013.

A new release is now available from the Download page. As well as bug fixes, the ProConvolver channels now offer a channel delay control allowing wide stereo and room ambience effects.

We are pleased to announce the release of S-Gear v2.0! The files are now available from the Download page. The new rack gives you much more control over the effects processing, and it also means in the future we can deploy new rack devices very easily.

Version 2.0 highlights include:

  • Drag & drop flexible effects rack
  • ModThing dedicated modulation processor
  • More MIDI controller options
  • Revised factory presets

For current users moving to v2.0 please read the Upgrade Notes for important info!

Version 1_0_5 gives all Windows OS users a chance to take it up a Gear! The 64-bit download is now available and will provide a significant performance benefit. Check out the Download page for full details and the Forum for more information.

The S-Gear MAC v1_0_5 is now available for download! This release addresses a few issues for MAC users – for the details please refer to the Download page.

The MAC OS X version of S-Gear has been released.

To mark this occasion we are offering a 10% discount off the price of S-Gear, valid until the 14 November 2011. Use the following coupon code when purchasing:

Coupon code: XNC-N12-5UN

Available as a plug-in (AU) and Standalone Application, S-Gear for MAC offers all the same functionality as the current Windows release, and comes as a universal binary providing 32 bit and 64 bit operation. An S-Gear license key entitles you to use both Windows and MAC versions!